SLAM CAMP 2015-Recovered

June 8-25th (Monday-Thursday; 8:30am-4:30pm)
LSU– Audubon Hall Rooms #101 & #102
Applications available HERE

Forward Arts Alumni Urging You To #StepForward

For those of you that know a little bit of my background, poetry & spoken word was my #1 passion. In my spare time, I still write and share on occasions. A couple of my mentors have started this funding campaign called “Step Forward”. I am going to sign up and be a donor personally because without these guys, there would be no Dougie Jay. I also want to support the upcoming poets in my community and also in my hometown, Baton Rouge, LA. – Leroy Johnson, Forward Arts alumni, singer/songwriter, military personnel

I remember walking into a Word Crew meeting some years ago. I had spent my summer at a camp full of talented young artists and wanted desperately to be a part of the magic that they made. So armed with a notebook a pen and more nerves than I knew anyone could have, off I went. I had no idea what an amazing journey I was about to embark on. This program gave me a safe space in my youth that I wasn’t necessarily feeling anywhere else. They encouraged me to speak my truth in a way that I had never experienced before and gave me the skills to do so with eloquence, grace and articulation. What they do for the youth of Baton Rouge is unparalleled by any other organization. They change more and more lives with every single workshop and each passing year. – Taylor James, Forward Arts alumni, actress/theater graduate

Forward Arts challenged my beliefs and forced me to grow as a writer and as a person; they showed me the transformative power of performance. From the community of art that they created, the community leaders that joined them in their efforts, and the community of amazing young writers that they crafted, Forward Arts Inc. has come to be an enormous part of who I am. Their belief in me is part of why I can tell my own story, and they are just as responsible for my decision to pursue a PhD as my academic mentors. – Jon Alex Watford, Forward Arts alumni, performance poet, graduating senior at Morehouse College

I can’t say enough about the WordPlay WritingProject . I was in 9th grade when I was first introduced to this beautiful and ever growing family! This project, these amazing people inspired me to write Big Girl Blues. So many opportunities were given to me through this project. I became a better person , writer, and teacher because of them. BECOME A MEMBER AND HELP CHANGE SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE ! Help the ARTS take a STEP FOWARD! #StepForward- Christin Rankins, Forward Arts alumni, award winning actress, singer

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Forward Arts is a multi-generational collective of youth, artists, and educators who are committed to providing learning opportunities in Southeastern Louisiana. We provide workshops, performance spaces, and professional development for young people and adults. Through critical engagement and creative practice we foster personal and social transformation.