Cellophane Girl, by 2016 Baton Rouge co-Youth Poet Laureate Jolie Gilbert,  is a deeply felt and thought-out investigation into the intersections, diversions, and collisions of gender, sexuality, mental health, the South, and family. It is a book that resists the definitions and categories that society so desperately clings in regard to these topics, and by being as such, Cellophane Girl is a profoundly necessary text, a guidepost that directs the reader toward what it means to be without boundaries — both textual, familial, cultural, and otherwise. Jolie Gilbert’s poetry is fiercely felt soul, wickedly witty, and filled with heart, and it was an utter honor to work with her on this book.  $15. Purchase HERE

usings of a black girl by Brittany Marshall
musings of a black girl, by 2016 Baton Rouge co-Youth Poet Laureate Brittany Marshall, reflect on legacies of trauma in homes and homelands, traumas of the black body and the religious body and the body politic. These musings offer meditations on attempting to grow out of those legacies and charter a new birthright. It is a book of distilled and unapologetic language, saturated with melanin magic, a garden of words like seeds that float your fears and your wishes in the wind, seeds that grow the world into something like a flower. $15. Purchase HERE

rushed Canvas Youth Literary Journal 2017
The 2017 Crushed Canvas Youth Literary Journal is a 43-page collection of poems, short stories and visual art pieces submitted by youth artists locally and nationally. It is the third edition of the Forward Arts published journal, edited by Forward Arts’ WordCrew youth editorial board. $10. Purchase HERE

POET” Tote Bag
The 2017 ALL CITY “POET” Tote Bag is a lightweight, durable cloth bag perfect for carrying journals, pens, books and all of your poetry essentials! $7.  Purchase HERE