Proven Tips for Short-Answer MBA Essay Questions |

Answering MBA Essay Questions

Answering MBA Essay Questions

Our previous guides aim at providing the best tips on how to write the best long-form MBA essays. In this piece, we are giving the details on how to approach essays with short answers and limited word count. The recent programs promote the idea of short-answer essays. Examples of top schools that encourage this trend are the Darden School of Business, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, and the University of Virginia. In Harvard, joint program applicants need to submit only a 400-word short-answer essay.  Read below to understand how to write short-answer essays for the MBA program.

Proven Tips for Short-Answer Essays

The fact that such essays are short doesn’t imply that they are easily doable. Remember you must fix all the relevant information within the required word count. If you aren’t creative enough, you can mess up big time. However, use the following tips when writing such essays.

  • Avoid redundancies. Since there is no room to explain everything, focus on main ideas when writing application essays. If you think some information isn’t a must, cut it and save the space for valuable content.
  • Use active voice always. In such limited essays, try as much as possible to do away with passive voice. The moment you include passive voice in the essay writing, you will be forced to add unnecessary phrases.
  • Write then edit. When you edit the essay as required, you will reduce some irrelevant words. If you don’t have adequate experience editing academic work, you might need a professional to help you out.  The aim is to produce the best results and if you don’t trust your capabilities, seek more help.
  • Avoid irrelevant examples and anecdotes. There is no point in including examples in this type of essay. Instead, save the space for the required content. If it is a must, you have an example; minimize the numbers to one or two.

Take the following example so that you can understand better.

Question 1: 500 words

Answer the following question to enable us to learn more about you:

  1. Explain your short-term career goals and how they will help you professionally and as an individual after getting an MBA degree
  2. The business world is changing at a faster rate due to technology. This implies that things might vary from what we anticipate. Now, if the goals you stated above don’t align with the sudden changes, what step will you take?

Analyzing Question one

The question is quite clear. It is up to the applicant doesn’t have to include confidential details about their background. Also, they don’t need to explain how they made the decision to apply to the institute. If the applicant engages in such details, they risk wasting space for other relevant content. When you analyze the question closely, you will realize that the applicant might need to talk about how the institution will help him or her if some professional and personal factors affect the main objectives.

To add to that, it will be vital for the applicant to explain why they decided on the selected institute. However, it can be hard to answer this section if the student has never visited several classes or consulted professionals in the related field. The idea is to write a satisfying essay that will convince the admission committee that you are an ideal applicant.

Again, as the applicant answers the question, they must include specific reasons to establish an ideal place to enroll in the MBA degree program. As the applicant, compare with other related institutes and give reasons why other schools can’t help you achieve your objectives.

Analyzing Question Two

The question is straightforward. It asks the applicant about the available options if the initial plans fail as planned. The committee wants to be sure that you are the right candidate. You don’t simply say how you will act upon plan B if plan A fails but assure them in writing that you can do whatever it takes to adjust to the changes to achieve your goals. Again, the plan B option should relate to the original plan. Do not select an idea that is totally different from what you are aiming at.

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