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  • Writing is challenging, especially for students who have to conduct research and become creative in different ways. We always have great ideas well-planned in our minds, but the issue is putting the ideas down. Students have to write several essay papers as part of academic fulfillment in a college or a university before they can […]

  • Our previous guides aim at providing the best tips on how to write the best long-form MBA essays. In this piece, we are giving the details on how to approach essays with short answers and limited word count. The recent programs promote the idea of short-answer essays. Examples of top schools that encourage this trend […]

  • Every article that we write should get proper formatting. Formatting and tell that you should structure your essay search that you have a perfect floor of organized ideas. You should defer aim to present one picture so that you make it easy for the reader to understand whatever you’re trying to put through. Essay format […]

  • The college application essay is your gateway to utilize your voice to grab the chance to get accepted into a college. Several colleges demand a to hear directly from the students and get the overall sense of who you are using your own words. An opportunity to personalize your application aside from the scores, grades, […]