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Common Essay Writing Mistakes: How to Notice & Avoid

Common Essay Writing Mistakes: How to Notice & Avoid

Writing is challenging, especially for students who have to conduct research and become creative in different ways. We always have great ideas well-planned in our minds, but the issue is putting the ideas down. Students have to write several essay papers as part of academic fulfillment in a college or a university before they can graduate. Most students will agree with me that they face difficulties crafting such papers and wish they could buy critical analysis essay online. At times, they get lower grades because of minor grammar and other mistakes, because they do not get the proper help. That is why this article explains how to go about such errors and produce the best academic work.


Read on to unleash the common errors and how to rectify them for better grades.

  • Excess Information and Many Facts

Sometimes, when writing essays, you can have many ideas you want to include in the paper, thinking you will impress the professor. The reality is that too much of something becomes boring, and it can even lose meaning. Try and include only solid points and facts in the academic work. Be short and precise while maintaining the theme of the subject.

How to Avoid

  1. Have a draft where you will filter the information to write on the final paper
  2. Keep the necessary information in the essay
  3. Do away with irrelevant facts and information, according to the essay topic.

  • Neglecting a Thesis Statement

Starting an essay minus a thesis statement equals zero work. The statement is the foundation of the entire paper. All the points you explain in the main body revolve around the thesis statement. If you skip this stage, where will you refer your points? Besides, your reader wants to understand your essay’s basis, and it can only happen when you include a thesis statement.

How to Avoid

  1. Include a clear and engaging thesis statement before you begin writing.
  2. Have the thesis statement at the introduction and the end.

  • Crafting a Hard-to-Read Essay

Remember, someone else is going to read your essay. If you make it hard to understand by including complicated terms, your tutor won’t have enough time to figure out what you imply. All they want is to enjoy an easy-to-follow essay with a clear flow of points. Otherwise, writing a complex essay will only attract bad grades.

How to Avoid

  1. Maintain the original concept of the topic
  2. Avoid adding extra words and phrases
  3. Make the sentences simple and clear

  • Wrong Formatting

Imagine having the best ideas in your essay, but you miss the formatting. You will automatically fail because of such a simple mistake. You miss the instructions from the professor regarding formatting; you are doomed. The tutor won’t even look at your good points. Your essays will look like a bad one.

How to Avoid

  1. Always read the guidelines from the teacher carefully
  2. Select the required style and format
  3. Note minor details such as page numbers, spaces, font size, paper size, and margins

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offense in any academic work. It is termed as copying other people’s work instead of doing your own. Technology has made it possible for tutors to check your paper thoroughly, and if they detect any plagiarism issues, then be sure to get a heavy punishment for it.

How to Avoid

  1. Always cite all of your sources.
  2. When doing research, write ideas in your own words
  3. Avoid using quotes as your sentence. Learn to give credits to the source.

  • Many Typos

When writing, you can’t be 100% accurate. Some minor typos happen, and they can pass the eye. However careful you think you are, always proofread your work before submitting it. Your professor is only after reading through your paper and understanding your concepts. They don’t have time to keep correcting typos. If your paper has several typos, be sure to get poor grades even when you have the best points.

How to Avoid

  1. Avoid relying on spell checker software always.
  2. Read through your work before printing
  3. Check for spelling mistakes and improper use of grammar after writing.

  • Using Wrong or Generic Titles

The essay’s title carries all the weight of the entire paper. It shows the reader what to expect in the academic work. You should ensure your title reflects the ideas you want to put down on paper. Again, do not use generic headlines in your essay.

How to Avoid

  1. Avoid using complex words in your title
  2. Revise your title severally before settling for one
  3. Avoid using other author’s titles.
  4. Make the title simple and short

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